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Making Rolls to Use to Save the Bread for Others and Using Margarine and Butter Wrappers


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Whole Wheat Pav Buns via YouTube

Since it wasn't always easy to find bread in the grocery stores, I was trying to save the whole wheat bread for the family. I still wanted to have sandwiches, periodically, so I checked YouTube and found lots of recipes for whole wheat rolls. Some of them like this one, didn't need eggs which was significant, because eggs were difficult to buy, as well. 

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Using Margarine and Butter Wrappers

A long time ago, I read an article about saving butter and margarine wrappers in your refrigerator to use to grease baking dishes instead of using shortening. I've used this great idea of years. During the Pandemic with some foods difficult to find, a new idea popped into my mind. That's the way Christ works in my life, at times! Anyway, this idea was to take a margarine or butter wrapper and put it into the skillet as it warms up. I took a metal spatula and moved the wrapper around the pan, so that it lightly greased the pan without having to use any additional oil. When I made pancakes, I would just put another wrapper in the pan as needed and move it around with the metal spatula.
Note: Do not leave the skillet or the butter and margarine wrappers unattended on the stove!

Stretching Your Food Budget During the Pandemic and Sprucing Up Your Mask

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Stretching Your Food Budget During the Pandemic

When we were first faced with a county-wide lockdown a year ago, my husband and I decided to make a plan to stretch our food budget. This goes beyond stretching our finances, but it's also related to not having to go to the stores as much, so that we aren't exposed. Additionally, in the beginning of the lockdown, it was difficult to be able to purchase many different foods. Our plan was to make a crockpot of beans each week which lasted us two days. One pound of beans costs about a dollar. You can add almost any type of leftover meat, should you want it. It costs only pennies for the electricity for running a crockpot all day!  I make a double recipe of cornbread and freeze it for future batches of beans, because it makes the beans a complete protein. We take any leftover beans to add to the crockpot of soup I make each week. Again, you can use almost any leftover meat, leftover veggies, and the leftover beans to make a hearty soup for next to no extra expense! This, also, lasts us two days. Just think, you can plan something nicer for the other three days, if you want, and not break the budget!

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Sprucing Up Your Mask

I had some inexpensive white masks that fit really well, but didn't look very nice. I saw some scrap material I had and I stitched it to cover the mask. Not only was the mask safer, because it now had more layers, but it was much more cheerful. Also, I found a slightly used N95 mask I had purchased for some painting. The only thing is, it had N95 printed on the front of it. At the same time I covered the other white masks, I also covered the N95 mask, so I could use it at times I needed to make sure I had the best coverage!  

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